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Teddy Sterling: Porn Quality Rant (yes for Real)

Am I the only one in the world who is absolutely sick of really bad cinematic attempts at porn? Like, the bigger porn studiots will splurge on high-quality cameras, but will a) make the set out of a hotel room, b) have a camera man who does not know how to be a camera man, and c) the audio is so incredibly terrible it sounds like it was recorded with the on-board camera microphone (because it probably was). The lighting always sucks, there are no creative shots, no shadows. Ugh. The snobbish things I learn from living around the folks at ganymedia. It’s like I can’t un-see how bad porn is.However, the thing that pisses me off the most is that these things can be completely avoided. Let’s face it. Porn models can’t act. But that doesn’t mean the script has to be so terrible that even if they’re doing a shit job it seems like they’re over-acting. I’M LOOKING AT YOU, [American porn studio]. It’s kinda what got me so intrestes in porn. I want to make a marked increase in quality, from production value to story mechanics. There’s no reason why you can’t actually build up sexual tension in a porno without having two guys mumble at each other about who-the-fuck-knows.They do it in Europe already. They put real effort into their porn. Plot, drama, tension, even technique. It’s fantastic. Unfortunately Europe doesn’t know how to cast hot guys outside the UK. It’s like a continent full of twinks. JESUS. I’d like to see a day where porn can have the sex removed and pass as independent films. But as Malory Archer says, people in hell want ice water.Granted, I’m not talking about explicitly “amateur” porn. The express intent of that is to NOT have plot, and have two guys going at it like animals. I’m targeting the porn that “tries”, but it comes across as a lazy, half-assed 5 minutes of fail plot before the guys fuck each other, even though they have already demonstrated that they have no charisma.

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Yeikow J: I Live with a Male

This happened to me just a week ago. They carry reason those who say that if something “bad” happens to you, also it will come something good. I discovered that my girlfriend I was unfaithful, although she doesn’t know anything about that and I have not faced it.In the end, it was a rainy afternoon, and it was already getting dark. I was sitting in a park, something sad and thoughtful for my wedding, but like many times, the memory of Brandon always returned to my thoughts. Brandon, that huge unusual, of a body as strong, as only an alpha male could have. The idea to be caught by him I warmed quite, and soothed me many times only to masturbate me. Perhaps on the outside he denied it, but the reality was that I, a young man of 20 years and 1.65 tall, thin and soft factions; I missed that male height 2.05 and a huge body. I remembered his words and what he had said, that I would be his girl.I wanted to rain, so I made the decision to return home. He was about to lift me, when I feel a hand on my shoulder, turn the look and I almost fainted printing. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, was behind me

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Eric & Tommy: We Decided to Go to English Classes

Hello beloved friends, we decided to take courses in English that we could communicate with you in alive. From today we will start to save up for courses. Will appreciate any help. Thank You in advance

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Jhon Kam: Hello

hi to all my fans, I am very flirtatious, I am vain and narcissistic, help me grow as a porn star flirt4free.Now my times are irregular and very dificl study be connected every day, I do not speak English very well, but try to do it. All … Continue reading

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Mike Hicks: First Brooadcast

Well I finally got started as Mike Hicks, I have to admit it was cool chatting and preforming in front of the camera. I didn’t do much preforming but I guess the fact the camera was on me I’m preforming huh But I see folks want something … Continue reading

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Chase Ripped: Cam Girls

Hi guys its me again. How is everyone doing out there.First of all I would like to thank all my supporters. Thanks for all the love you guys have shown me. As alot of you know that I also cam as a couple with my fiance. Miss Foxx is her n… Continue reading

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Aaron & Paul: They Broke My Ass

I am a married man and I’m passive bisexual tell them step 2 months ago I discovered internet browsing a page encounters gay me Moon and I put a picture of my ass on my profile and in less than two days contact me a person telling me that… Continue reading

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Mister Paul: My Story

As I remember feeling instinctively that I was different from other boys. when my friends started dating girls, I wanted to do the same, but it just didn’t feel right. I felt awkward and inferior. I had often heard insults like “queer” and “pansy”, but it was not until I knew what the words meant, that I realised that they described me I was Gay.Noticing how people spoke about homosexuals, I came to the conclusion that being Gay was bad. I decided to shut it out, forget about it. What else could I do? I couldn’t change and was terrified of revealing my secret. I wasn’t bullied at school. I became introverted and kept a low profile, so as not to draw attention to myself.I left home and went to university. I was determined to succeed so that, amongst other things, people would be pleased with me. It was almost as if being Gay and therefore “deficient” (as I saw it) in one area of my life meant that I had to excel in other areas. I formed a number of friendships, but generally shied away from men to prevent them knowing I was different, and women so as not to form attachments that would come to nothing. I knew I could never marry , There were frequent rumours that I was dating, but I did nothing to stop them. I was relieved really, it meant my “secret” was safe.After university I started work. My college friends were beginning to settle down, and gradually I felt that I had less in common with them. Unlike people who needed to form partnerships, I thought I could be happy alone. I needed no-one. I thought I was in total control of my life. I was not going to let my homosexuality get in the way of my future,life became a monotonous routine of work and evenings alone. I felt very isolated. I began to hate being Gay and would have done absolutely anything to change, but changing my sexuality was about as feasible as changing my eye colour. I had two terrifying choices; either facing my sexuality and “coming out” or growing old alone. Eventually I realised that the only way forward was to “come out”.I ‘phoned the Lesbian and Gay Switchboard and later met one of the volunteers. For the first time I could be totally honest with someone without fear of rejection. That was a huge weight off my shoulders. I joined ‘Icebreakers’, a group for men coming to terms with their sexuality. Here I formed friendships and started to enjoy a social life, going to the cinema, to the theatre and to restaurants.My main anxiety now was the prospect of telling my parents that I was Gay. Should I risk their disapproval, or continue to hide part of my life from them? We had always been a close family so, hoping for the best, but fearing the worst, I decided to tell them

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Sean Saint: My First Week Webcaming!

Hello, allow me to begin by saying this has been a unique experience so far. Thanks to you, my loyal fans, I have already began to build a customer base, regulars, and success. It has been fun and there is a lot more potential of what can… Continue reading

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Kyra Bradley: Hello There!

Hi there. I feel like I should introduce myself somewhere and the most permanent place would be here~! So, my name is Kyra. I’m from Australia so I have a cool accent. I know for many of you that’s going to be hard to resist but IT’S OKAY… Continue reading

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